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Premium crystal condoms

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Best crystal condoms for long-lasting satisfaction and fun

introduction Safety always comes first and there is no chance that you should risk it! The Candy Crystal Condoms 3-D for Men is the best in the range of 3-D that are not generally available at stores. We bring this exclusive range along with the other  Sex toys for men in India. They are better, more durable, and more pleasurable than the other flavored condom ranges. Candy Crystal Condoms 3-D  are exclusive and most selling condoms with us that run out of stock within days we put them in stock. So make sure you buy immediately if you see them in stock! They may not last forever!
  • Easy to use and store anywhere you want.
  • 3-D Texture Provides extreme stimulation to the penis as well as inner walls of the vagina making the sex more pleasurable
  • One of the best sex toys for couples who are looking for something that protects as well as hype up the kink in the room!
  • Colour- Bubble gum pink
  • Dimensions- Free Size
  • Weight- 10 gm
  • Waterproof-¬† Yes It is Lubricant friendly and Waterproof
  • Material- Skin-friendly premium Latex¬†¬†
Quantity per Pack QTY-1 inside per package
How to Use
  • Apply some lubrication over the penis to easily roll on the condom
  • Insert your penis slowly to avoid trapping any air bubbles¬†
  • The product is friendly to use with lubricants.
  • The product can be reused after a good hygienic cleaning
  • Do not flush, in-take, or store it after use.

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