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Refund Policy

Refund policy is one of the crucial policies related to the E-Commerce websites,
where in case of any problem being faced by the customer with the products and
services related to the Website, there is an opportunity in his hands to go for the
refund policy. This gives an upper edge to the Customers as well to trust us and also
make our products reliable as well. Refund policy is an important and necessary part
of the policies of the Website. As, the website is catering the needs of the Customers,
it should take into consideration the grievances an problems of the customers as well
and if their concerns are genuine and they want the refund, then there should be the
refund policy available to them.

In our website, we also have the refund policy available for our customers and we try
to sort out their problems and refund their amount whenever it is required and correct
as per the rules of the website. In our refund policy, we have certain criterias:-

1. There is 48 Hours refund policy available to the customers on our website. Only replacement is available for the defective/ damaged product.

2. There is a mandatory requirement for the users to open the products before the camera, so that the quality of the product delivered can be assessed that it is not in the damage mode or there is no any problem with it while delivered, this would ensure
the reliability of the customers as well that the seller only provided them with the
damaged products and it will maintain us to strengthen our policies as well in regard
to the sellers.

3. While unboxing the products, if there is found that anything missing at the time of
the delivery then it must be mentioned on the delivery sheet. The customer has to
email to company or through using the “Contact Us” page within the time and share
about the defect in the product.

4. If the product has been used by the customer, it cannot be refunded and returned.
The packaging of the product is the essential element of any product. If you have
destroyed the packaging of the product then we can’t refund you amount.

5. The customer has to bear the delivery and return expenses of the product in case of
return of the product.

6. Once the  replacement / refund  process is started, it will take around 14 to 21 working days for the
amount to get credited in the bank account of the customers.

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