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DELUX BOOTY is a male masturbator toy. DELUX BOOTY is a realistic male masturbator. This male masturbator is a simple male masturbator.

This masturbator sex toy as structured in the ass toy shape. Deluxe booty male masturbator gives you complete enjoyment during masturbation session because you feel amazing while you penetration yourself with this masturbator.

DELUX BOOTY sex toy is a masturbator of very real soft material. This male masturbator is big in size. It length is 10 inches and width is 24 inches. This male Masturbator representative the doggy style, shape and it looks like underperform can give style easily. It is available in skin color. This masturbator has vagina hole and anal hole.

The touch is very soft and exciting with both anal and vagina. It has different types of textures in holes like vagina hole has a ribbed texture and anal hole has a dotted texture.

There is a third hole to have simple penetration and you can also add the vibration function in this third hole. You can enjoy also vibrating function with this delux booty. It looks like very lovely and will take care of your all sexual desire. It is the perfect use for the beginners and experienced persons also as well as.

DELUX BOOTY is compatible with all type of sex lubricant. You should used water-based lubricant and silicon-based lubricant because is the best for all toys. This masturbator is good to use it with condom. You should maintain this masturbator after use it. It is good to have good and exciting pleasure with this masturbation.

DELUX BOOTY is a waterproof masturbator sex toy. You should wash it after and before you use it like warm water and baby soap. You should proper maintain because proper maintenance helps you to protect your toy for damage that you can use it for long period of time.

If you want some small toy with good performance, then check Hand masturbator with boobs and Vagina Masturbators MiA Mini Doll is good to use it.

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